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Mary Sczepaniak

Project Coordinator, CMS

My inspiration in the Pro-Life movement came from my mother Rebecca. When the horrendous bill Roe V Wade became a law, my mom took action. She became active in Illinois Valley Citizens for Life (now involved in education), and The Right for Life. Whatever she needed to do, she was determined to get information out about the horror of killing a baby in the protective womb of the mother.

My mom would have loved for me to be involved at the time, but I was married with a young family and working to help make ends meet. As God provides, much later, I had an opportunity to take a stand for "Life", when I was blessed to meet a like minded person who was as intent as I was to fight for the unborn. Together we started Love Life and have met many other caring, compassionate people willing to join the fight. It has been an overwhelming satistaction for others to join our Love Life family.


Mary Sczepaniak
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