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Chris Lukow

Project Developer

I am excited working with Love❤️Life and watching it Grow. . . Bringing awareness, to the needs of God's Little Buddies (our unborn), to anyone in LaSalle County and surrounding Counties that see the Gift of Helping children and prevent their unnecesary death. . .And helping families grow thru coordinating with other organizations in our area. . . One of Love❤️Life's Motto's, I repeat daily:

"The Root of all Evil, is for Good People to do Nothing" . .

I stress the beliefs of the organization to relieve any stress that many come with an Unborn Child. . .And that every Child is a blessing and never unwanted, because we want them all. . . Growing families, even if it means thru Adoption, is the over all, best solution. . .

Compassion, is "stepping out of one's safe zone, to help others" and believe to always empathize on behalf of Humility, "to always air on the side of Forgiveness" to find answers, we can all Live with, for ourselves, and others. . .

Anxieties can be overwhelming at times, I agree, and am happy to work with Love❤️Life, and anyone who can help turn that anxiety, into Happiness and Joy. I feel Honored, working with people, who see and operate with facts in mind. . .And to develope a program, that allows people to hear others with their hearts and then talk and act from the heart, to come up with the best solutions, for those in our area, with all the help available. . .I do believe this to be a Pro-Life Fundamental. . .


Chris Lukow
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