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Love❤️Life Event Booth

Thanking people for Protecting Children

  • 3 hours
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Service Description

We offer a fun and exciting booth to show who are and answer any questions , one might have regarding Pro-Life issues. We help to encourage people to reach out and encourage others thru compassion, understanding and humility. To find those unafraid to say that the killing of a child, is never the right thing to do. That Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness means something, starting with Life. We try to emphasize that we need to come together to bring our country back to " One Nation Under God", regardless of religious beliefs, political views, race, origins or sex. We come with open hearts and eyes, to share the help available, in our area of Illinois 👣❤️👣

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356 N. 2629th Rd.

There js a chance for a Better Tomorrow for our  Children  

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