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Adoption, Specialist's
Abigal Women's Clinic
Hope Life Center
Under His Wings
Guardian Angels
Rachel's Vineyard Retreat

The Root of all Evil, is for Good People to do Nothing. . .

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Love❤️Life Group #3⤴️ 

From Our Families to Yours, on this holiday season, approaching👣

Please, Love your Neighbor

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                      Love Life

              of Illinois is a social                          organization dedicated to

     providing outreach, humility, and          compassion to help new Mothers

                    and their unborn.

   Combining resources from public

       and private partner, we help                            ensure a positive

                          start to 


Have a Heart

Save A Heart 

A Child is A Child. . . 

No Matter How Small. . .


What does this song's lyrics mean? ? ?

Written by : Simon & Garfunkel

Did You Hear This Meaning? ? ?

Silence meaning that people are no-longer connected with each other and we need to communicate our Love better for each Other

Be Not Afraid

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Country Cottage
520 First St. LaSalle, IL 61301 

Free "Life is Precious"

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in, when you mention

        this website 

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Hope & Prayers
At Schools
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At Churches:
-Prayer Groups
-Rosary Groups
Our Frontline Heroes
Stork Support
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Illinois Outreach
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On Site Presentations and Classes
Quiz Challenge
Government Agenda
Illinois, Voter Roll Call
Bills that Harm Children in Illinois
Illinois Bills that Protect: Incest, Rapists, Child trafficers, Pimps, Etc.
Civic Groups
(LaSalle County)
( DeKalb County)
DNA Criminal Detection Testing Bills 
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